Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup


Lollacup is a valve-free straw cup designed to eliminate the challenges of transitioning to a straw cup. Lollacup also has a weighted-straw, detachable handles, and a straw cleaning brush. The Lollacup makes a great gift and is proudly made in the USA and now available in South Africa!

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Reillyrooz - Lollaland



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  • VALVE-FREE sippy-straw cup allows infants as young as 9 months old to easily and effectively drink from straw
  • Straw with weighted end makes it easy to use and straw cleaning brush (included) makes it easy to clean
  • Made in the USA: all parts are produced, assembled + packaged in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality
  • Beautifully packaged making it the perfect present for a young child. Design of lollacup is appealing to both child and parent

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Additional information

Weight 0.160 kg
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 9 cm

Bold Red, Good Green, Happy Orange, Chic Black, Brave Blue, Posh Pink, Cool Turquoise



Reillyrooz - Lollaland


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